NYC Rolling Gate

Solid Gate

solid gate

Grill Gate

grill gate

Perforated Finish

perforated finish

Gate Design by NYC Rolling Gate

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Gate design and operate, by NYC Rolling Gate
Roll Up Gates
The types of gate design available

  1. Solid Gate
    regular solid slats.
    can be with 3" or 4" slats finish.

  2. Grill Gate or see through
    Gate with a clear finish, so you can see through the gate.
    This gate is good for store fronts, so people can see your product through the windows after closing time

  3. Perforated Finish
    Perforated slat is made from same material like the regular solid slats.
    the only difference is that the perforates is full of this small holes so you can see through like the grill gate.

Types of gate operation available:

Manual Roll up:
The gate is opened and closed by pushing up and pulling down.

Chain System:
The gate is opened and closed by using a chain drive.

The gate is attached to a motor and the motor is controlled by
a key switch, button station or remote control.

Based in the NYC area, NYC Rolling Gate serves all five boroughs of New York and the surrounding areas. With a staff of highly experienced craftsman in our network, we have the personnel available to handle any size job.

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